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TAHYEA'T Hifz ul Quran Workshop

Embarking on the journey of Hifz ul Quran is a noble endeavor, one that requires dedication, patience, and unwavering support. In Hasanat High School, parents of Primary Grades students gathered for the enlightening TAHYEA’T Hifz ul Quran Workshop. This workshop was not just another event; it was a heartfelt initiative aimed at fostering emotional connections between parents and their children throughout the sacred journey of memorizing the Quran. With a blend of traditional wisdom and modern strategies, this workshop promised to equip parents with the tools they need to inspire and motivate their young learners.

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Understanding the Importance of Hifz ul Quran:

Hifz ul Quran, the memorization of the holy book, holds profound significance in Islamic tradition. It’s not merely about committing verses to memory; it’s about internalizing the divine guidance, nurturing spiritual growth, and fostering a profound connection with Allah. For parents, witnessing their children embark on this journey is a source of immense pride and responsibility. It’s a journey that requires not just academic rigor but also emotional support and guidance.

Empowering Parents with Strategies:

As the workshop commenced, parents eagerly leaned in, ready to absorb the insights and strategies that awaited them. Facilitators drew from the rich tapestry of resources provided by Dawat e Hadiyah, as well as insights from renowned authors worldwide. Through interactive sessions and group discussions, parents learned practical techniques to create a nurturing environment at home conducive to Hifz ul Quran. From establishing consistent routines to employing positive reinforcement, every strategy aimed to cultivate a love for the Quran within their children’s hearts.

Fostering Emotional Connections:

Beyond the memorization of verses, the “TAHYEA’T” Workshop emphasized the importance of fostering emotional connections between parents and children. Facilitators highlighted the power of affirmation, encouragement, and active listening in nurturing a child’s confidence and self-esteem. By expressing pride in their efforts and providing a safe space for expression, parents could strengthen the bond with their children, making the Hifz ul Quran journey not just a solitary pursuit but a shared endeavor filled with love and support.

Navigating Challenges with Resilience:

While the journey of Hifz ul Quran is deeply rewarding, it’s not without its challenges. From the frustrations of memorization to the pressures of academic commitments, children may encounter various hurdles along the way. The workshop equipped parents with strategies to navigate these challenges with resilience and compassion. By fostering a growth mindset, celebrating progress, and offering gentle guidance through setbacks, parents could instill in their children the resilience needed to persevere in their Quranic studies.

Celebrating Milestones and Progress: In the journey of Hifz ul Quran, every milestone achieved is worthy of celebration. Whether it’s memorizing a surah, mastering Tajweed, or simply showing dedication to daily recitation, parents were encouraged to acknowledge and celebrate their children’s progress along the way. Small gestures of recognition, such as praise, rewards, or heartfelt conversations, serve to reinforce the importance of their efforts and fuel their motivation to continue striving for excellence.


The “TAHYEA’T” Hifz ul Quran Workshop served as a beacon of guidance and inspiration for parents navigating the sacred journey of Quranic memorization with their children. Armed with practical strategies, emotional insights, and a renewed sense of purpose, parents left the workshop with hearts full of hope and determination. As they continue to support their children in the pursuit of Hifz ul Quran, they do so not only as mentors but as steadfast allies on a journey of faith and enlightenment.

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