PhBL - Grade 7

The grade 7 students covered the business module of the Money Sense Program under #2020NotCancelled.The students embraced the virtual challenge and conducted a business, ‘an online business’!!!

They started with learning a model business venture and went further to plan and execute a real one. They came together in teams, identified the product to be sold, procured the required materials, made the product in their own spaces, advertised it on social media, generated google forms for bookings, set up collection timings and counters and that’s how learnings came knocking at their door!

Creativity, collaboration, time management and problem solving was visible explicitly. This hands-on experience is simply a stepping stone for our budding entrepreneurs.

Batul Shakir
Arwa Tashrifwala
Arwa Amreliwala
Abbas Rangwala
Abbas Kanorewala
Abbas Dharwala
Abbas Amreliwala
Khadija Badlawala
Jumana Daginawala
Insiyah Kanchwala
Hassan Lokhandwala
Zainab Ajmerwala
Zahra Khokhawala
Zahra Jamboora
Tasneem Essoufaly
Taha Kapasi
Rukaiya Lakdawala
Qusai Attarwala
Mustafa Sabuwala
Mustafa Bootwala
Murtaza Patanwala
Munira Baxajiwala
Mukarram Baranwala
Mufaddal Tinwala
Mohsin Najmi
Maryam Bharmal
Mariyah Sadriwala
Khadija Bhavnagarwala
Rashida Bagasrawala
Fatema Dohadwala
Fatema Chechatwala
Burhanuddin Surana
Burhanuddin Tinwala