PhBL - Grade 6

The grade 6 students of HHS managed to address their concerns of eye strain and back pain during their journey of the #2020 Not Cancelled program.

They worked on identifying their concern as a team and then found viable solutions of a practical timetable and professional advice in the form of exercises and nutrition tips for the same. It was a journey filled with fun and learning!!!
Khadija Ezzi
Jamila Sakarwala
Jumana Patanwala
Fatema Manasawala
Burhanuddin Kalavadwala
Taher Pachawala
Sarrah Attarwala
Murtaza Laljee
Insiya Hotelwala
Husaina Patanwala
Husain Jeeranwala
Hashim Thanawala
Burhanuddin Peshawarwala
Aliasgar Ratlawala
Zainab Dahodwala
Taher Bhanpurawala
Sakina Motiwala
Sakina Gadiwala
Naqiyah Merchant