PhBL - Grade 5

Group A (Food Wastage)


Students of Grade 5 embarked on a journey to make 2020 a memorable year…..a year of change. The students were introduced to PhBL(Phenomenon Based Learning). A set of students from Grade 5, set out to address Food Wastage as a major concern out of the concern listed by them. The students used the FIDS(Feel, Imagine, Do, Share) framework to work on this concern.

The power of choice & Voice helped them to take up new challenges and resolve them on their own. As the students addressed the concern on food wastage they developed self-confidence and evolved through the process as each child took responsibility of their learning and had something to contribute. They learnt to analyze and evaluate their own journey through different forms of assessment like peer assessment, self assessment & teachers assessment.

Flipgrid videos and constructive feedback through E-mails gave them an opportunity to enhance their learning. As they set to achieve their objective they learnt many 21st century skills like effective communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, sequencing and prioritizing of Ideas, Presentation skills and much more. Finally the students plan to implement their Ideas and share their learning with as many people as possible using different platforms on social media
Adnan Unwala
Alefiyah Vohra
Ammar Ranalawala
Bhelul Kapadia
Burhanuddin Ezzy
Hamza Arsiwala
Mubaraka Unwala
Mufaddal Raipurwala
Mukarram Soni
Murtaza Jaorawala
Nafisa Jeeranwala
Sakina Attar
Sakina Shajapurwala
Yusuf Savai
Zainab Masawawala

PhBL - Grade 5

Group B (Physical Fitness)

To make 2020 an unforgettable year, grade 5 commenced on the journey of PhBL (Phenomenon based learning). PhBL in grade 5 started with children relating superheroes to real life heroes and then identifying their own strength and took up the I CAN challenge. We applied the FIDS model (FEEL ,IMAGINE ,DO & SHARE ) to conduct the PhBL programme.

In the FEEL stage the children identified and listed down their concerns that were close to their heart. By voice and choice they choose one concern that they wanted to address. They summarized the causes and effects of their identified concern and came up with the FEEL statement.

To address their concern they came up with the IMAGINE statement after critically looking at the hot spots and bright spots. In the DO stage they first created an action plan to solve their concern. The children collected data on the kind of exercises the children and their families could do with consistency. To understand people’s perspective on physical fitness some children also conducted interviews. The resource person a dietitian helped them to understand food groups and balanced diet. This led them to make a flip book in which they gave understanding about food groups and also compiled a few healthy recipes together.

During this journey children were involved in peer assessments of different forms e.g. flipgrid videos , Google forms ,Email & Google Sheets. To create awareness for their concern the children made posters ,slogans and animaker videos which they could SHARE on social media.
Fauzia Kudrati
Ammar Ghadiali
Aliasgar Bata
Sakina Kachwala
Naqiyah Radhanpurwala
Mustafa Sunelwala
Mustafa Champawala
Mohammad Arsiwala
Mariya Poonawala
Khadir Mitha
Husain Attarwala
Haider Limdiwala