PhBL - Grade 4


Phenomenon Based Learning was introduced in grade 4 with a view to inculcate the Thematic Approach of integrating various subjects, concepts and skills for effective learning.

The grade 4 students of Hasanat High School took up a challenge to address their concern about garbage on the roads. They followed the FIDS framework – Feel, Imagine, Do, Share.

Feel: People are throwing garbage on the roads which leads to a bad odour and makes the environment unhealthy. Imagine: Roads should be clean and green.

Do: They prepared a plan of action to create awareness among the people and achieve their imagine. They created posters and powtoon videos to spread their message to the people. They learnt how to create posters using typography and also learnt to make videos using powtoon software and PPT. Along with these hard skills they also learnt some soft skills while working on this project. During discussions they enhanced their communication skills and learnt to collaborate as a team. They wrote emails to their teachers and the principal. They polished their presentation skills when they presented their ideas to their teachers and the principal. They became rational and critical thinkers when they identified the causes and the hotspots and bright spots of their concern. They learnt the importance of self reflection and evaluation. This helped them to improve themselves. They learnt the art of receiving and giving feedback to their peers with responsibility and respect.

Share: They shared their work through powtoon videos and posters on social media. They also shared their learnings from the program with their teachers and parents.
Abbas Hitawala
Insiya Fidvi
Insiya Jabalpurwala
Mariya Lightwala
Mohammed Patanwala
Abduttaiyyeb Suterwala
Adnan Kanorewala
Adnan Mehsari
Alifiya Gandhi
Amatullah Sohagpurwala
Arwa Lokhandwala
Aziz Kothawala
Haider Bohra
Husain Lakdawala
Taher Amreliwala
Huzaifa Hyderabadwala
Sakina Bhanpurawala
Taher Abbasi
Rashida Habibi
Mustafa Madarwala