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Our People Hasanat High School

Behlah Badri

Head of School

The secret to a child’s healthy mental growth is to let them explore it on their terms. Their curiosity is far greater than we can interpret. At Hasanat, parallel to academics our kids are set to their own ways through well designed decision making programmes.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Tasneem Kagalwala

Lead, Student Wellbeing

At Hasanat High School, Our focus is to create a nurturing environment where students feel safe, heard, and empowered, understanding the significance of their voices. Guided by the quote, “People will forget what you said and did but will never forget how you made them feel,”.

Our People Hasanat High School

Mr Mufaddal Rajkotwala

Director of Administration

Our Director of Administration, who oversees operations, is essential to Hasanat High School’s smooth running. They manage the complex web of logistics with rigorous planning and organizational skill, creating an environment where teachers and students flourish. Their commitment guarantees that everyone’s educational path is smooth.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Zainab Kagalwala

Director of Finance

Meet our accomplished Director of Finance at Hasanat High School. With a keen eye for fiscal responsibility and strategic planning, she ensures the school’s financial health and sustainability. Her expertise drives our commitment to providing top-notch education while managing resources judiciously.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Batul Ayyajiwala

Lead, Secondary

Shaping future leaders and scholars, our Secondary School Section Lead facilitates a rigorous academic environment, fostering independent thought, academic excellence, and preparation for the global stage.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Sakina Sakarwala

Lead, Middle School

Navigating the transformative years of adolescence, our Middle School Section Lead facilitates an enriching experience, encouraging critical thinking, self-discovery, and holistic growth.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Tasneem Cutlerywala

Lead, Pre-Primary

Guiding the youngest minds with care and creativity, our Preprimary Section Lead nurtures a foundation of lifelong learning through engaging activities and a welcoming environment.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Lubaina Arsiwala

Lead, Primary

Dedicated to fostering a love for learning, our Primary Section Lead empowers students to explore, inquire, and develop essential skills that lay the groundwork for their educational journey.

Our People Hasanat High School

Sk Huzaifa Ismail Fakhri

Lead, Hifz ul Quran

 Assist the students and the teachers in making the journey of hifz ul quran more achievable, tranquil and fruitful. The key focus area is to strive for the wish for Huzur Ala tus that “Har ghar ma ek Hafiz hoi”.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Fatema Tawawala

Lead, English

Words are our tools for expression and connection. At Hasanat High School, we nurture the art of language through captivating literature, effective communication skills, and critical thinking. 

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Zahra Goryawala

Lead, Lisan-Ud Dawat & Arabi

Our dedicated Talimul Quran and Lisanud Dawat teacher at Hasanat High delivers rich Quranic wisdom while illuminating divine thoughts. 

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Kiran Yadav

Lead, Hindi

Understanding the significance of language, she teaches how the Hindi language can be enriched and transformed into a source of prosperity and literature. Join us to experience the beauty and importance of language.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Insiya Tambawala

Lead, Humanities

Uncover the tapestry of human experiences with our Humanities curriculum. From history’s lessons to the intricacies of society, our students engage with the past and present, cultivating empathy and insight that shape a better tomorrow.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Tasneem Indorewala

Lead, Diniyat

Guiding spiritual growth, our Diniyat Lead at Hasanat High School nurtures values and character. Through teachings grounded in faith, students develop a deep understanding of ethics and morality, enriching their lives with a strong sense of purpose and integrity.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Farida Mun

Lead, Science, IT & Cookery

Explore the realms of discovery and innovation with our diverse subjects. From unraveling the mysteries of science to mastering culinary arts and home management, and even diving into the world of Information Technology – Hasanat High School offers a holistic educational experience that blends curiosity and practicality seamlessly.

Our People Hasanat High School

Ms Masuma Dahodwala

Lead,Visual Arts (Arts & Drama)

At Hasanat High School, as the Head of the Arts and Drama Dept, we craft annual curriculum, design grade-specific lessons, and oversee academic planning. Regularly, we support our team through feedback from classroom observations, ensuring motivation and growth.

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