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Hasanat High School Approach

Philosophy of Education at Hasanat

Skill and Competencies

Combining high-quality external support systems, such as Xseed, with research-backed pedagogies, such as PhBL, and creating our own computer science and early years curriculum.

Real World Application

The gap that a good education seeks to close is the one between giving our students the capacity to learn and the capacity to use or apply that information in relevant situations.

Learning is Fun

At Hasanat, we believe that true learning happens at the intersection of competencies, applicability and enjoyment. Take away any of these, and our carefully balanced tent collapses.



The ‘true meaning of education is to bring out from within’ - the aim of education is to manifest potential that is latent within human beings; a child is like a seed that has the potential to grow into a tree. The objective of education is to transform - through building skills, attitudes, and conceptual understanding, and not merely to transfer knowledge. 


Every individual should strive for growth in Ilm, Amal, Akhlaaq, Aqida - gaining excellence in spiritual and material knowledge and strengthening one's belief in Islam. cultivating an unconditional love for His HolinessTUS, and applying this learning and these values in one's daily life activities.


Standards for all knowledge and guidance for all actions are derived from the life and teachings of Awliya KiramAS, in the Light of the Quran and Shariat, and it is from this same perspective that we must explore all spiritual and material knowledge and concepts


There are four centers of learning in a child’s life - manzil (home), masjid, madrasa (school),  and mujtama (society) - and that in order for education to be truly powerful and bring out the highest potential in each child it must be actively supported by all four of these centers in a seamless and consistent manner. 


Ideal education is one where spiritual and material knowledge and understandings are seamlessly integrated. The curriculum, which has been designed in the light of the Quran and Shariat, must address all the developmental areas that make up the ‘whole child’ - including their social, cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Memorization of the Quran is a powerful tool in promoting such development.


Teacher's role is to be an exemplar of our core values and beliefs to the students. They facilitate student learning by designing experiences that promote multi-sensory engagement. Teachers must strive to create a safe environment that is conducive for learning, where students are free to take risks and challenge themselves without fear of failure.

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