Welcome to Hasanat School

We at Hasanat High School, run by the Hasanat-Ul-Eid-Iz-Zahabi trust, believe in the power of education to empower and change human lives. The future of the world is in our classrooms today and therefore, we embrace each and every learner’s unique capabilities.

Our Vision

Hasanat High School’s vision is to nurture and bring forth from within the highest potential of each child which leads to prosperity and accomplishment in this world and hereafter (Takamul-e-Shakhsi).

Hasanat Online

Now, after four decades of an amazing relationship with education, Hasanat is proud to introduce full time online learning in face of the pandemic situation of the globe. Our biggest motivation behind this is no doubt our students and their futures. Initially we did face a challenge in creating regular classroom environments for them. Online schooling risked their personal contact with teachers and of course, their friends. We acknowledge that this is the most important aspect of schooling; however, social distancing has kept us from achieving that. We therefore, have introduced a system with maximum virtual socializing.