Student Led Conference

Exam??? No Exams!! It's SLC time!

Our exams and report day are neither filled with dread about what our teacher would be revealing to our parents nor are we stressful about how our parents will react to our scores.

Wondering how???

At Hasanat, at the end of the term, we revisit the topics learnt in each subject during the term through various activities. We mark those worksheets that we learnt a lot from or enjoyed doing the most. We proudly present those to our peers and have a detailed discussion to explain the reason for selecting those worksheets. Our teachers give us an opportunity to have a personal one on one discussion with them where we are pushed to think critically about our learning and how to present that. Gradually, our portfolio is created to be presented to our parents through the Student Led Conference (SLC).

We practice a lot before we do the presentation to our parents because we believe that we grow through the feedback we receive. This year, 2020, was special as all of this happened virtually! And because school has now reached our living rooms, we also added learnings from home and through family members to our portfolio! We hope you enjoy watching our SLC presentations as much as we enjoyed making them. Click here to check out all the presentations of our learning.