Resonating with our students’ zeal and enthusiasm, we teachers in the primary section spent our first five days connecting with our little champs making a sincere effort at creating bonds that we hope will last for us.

We started off with a parents orientation in order to be on the same page with our parents for the social, academic and mental wellbeing of our students. We made an effort at forming a mutual and open relationship with the parents which will facilitate communication on all kinds of matters as we move forward on this important journey.

Soon after that we had a student orientation. Chit chatting with our little munchkins was pure bliss to us. All those weeks of preparation finally paid off. Students were informed of what to expect in the coming days and what their year will look like. In addition to that they were assured about being guided at all stage s if required keeping their strengths in mind. We then had a norm setting session. During this time, students and teachers together decided on the look and feel of the class so that we are in a contract to make the class a safe and enriching one.

These five days at Hasanat hold utmost importance to all of us. This time helped us create a safe zone for the students so that they feel emotionally secured when they attend school. We value their likes and dislikes and believe in a holistic approach to education. Together we can create a better tomorrow.