Middle School

This first week has been that of gearing back to school,meeting friends,teachers, parents and principal sir.It was a delight to meet the parents on the first day and the online platform made it possible for almost everyone to be there!The parent orientation was tuned to make connections with the class teacher and share details of Hasanat Online 3.0.

The student orientation kick started the welcoming of our children with fun and cheer and getting back to using this online learning platform effectively.

The students set norms with their class teacher in a manner to identify how their class should “look like,sound like and feel like.” They came together in the life skill class to identify their strengths,preferences and know how special each one can be in so many different ways.Indulging in games,discussions and activities kept the spirit high to look forward to the upcoming days.

Last but not the least,the 1:1 report card sessions with the class teacher and student paved a pathway to a positive productive conversation to make plans to achieve goals “ together.”

These five days set a tone of guidance and assurance, of being there to build a lasting relationship.