The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.

In our everyday journey of learning and growing, our school gave us a platform to learn from the experienced, the wise. Our school initiated a Tarbiyat programme for the higher grades. It was one of the best things that happened at the campus. 

Tarbiyat basically means the right upbringing of a child.This programme was conducted by our very own Principal, Bhaisaab Behlah Bhaisaab & Havva Bensaab and Marol Aamil Saheb, Bhaisaheb Ilyas Bhaisaheb & Ruqaiyya Bensaab. In today’s time, being “cool with the generation” is going on the wrong track. It involves doing things which are forbidden in our religion. The main aim behind doing this programme was to get students more close to Aqa Moula TUS. Getting closer to our Aqa Moula will definitely keep us on the correct track. Fun activities were planned for the students with huge learnings behind each activity. 

Each class had a different set of learnings. One activity was: “Who am I?”

Each one of us was given a small mirror with marker stains and tissues. We were supposed to wipe the marker stains from the mirror and this taught us the importance of ourselves. We learnt that all of us are good people without stains on our heart so after wiping out the stains we saw our reflection on the mirror. And that’s how it taught us good people will always have a stainless heart, and we have to be a good person always in life.

The locks of learnings were unlocked through these Tarbiyat Classes. We learnt amazing things through this Programme and had a fabulous time all together. 


Grade 9       

-Zahra Ezzy

-Sakina Baxajiwala