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Welcome to Hasanat High School

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    Our Goal

    In the light of the teachings of His Holiness – Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb TUS – our aim is to nurture and bring forth from within the highest potential of each child (Takamul-e-Shakhsi) which leads to prosperity and accomplishment in this world and hereafter .

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    Our Core Values and Belief’s

    Inspired by the teachings of His Holiness Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS, the core values and beliefs that drive Hasanat’s vision include:
    -The ‘true meaning of education is to bring out from within’ – the aim of education is to manifest potential that is latent within human beings; a child is like a seed which has the potential to grow into a tree.
    -The goal of every individual should be to strive for growth in Ilm, Amal, Akhlaaq, Aqida – gaining excellence in spiritual and material knowledge, strengthening one’s belief in Islam, cultivating an unconditional love for His HolinessTUS, and applying this learning and these values in one’s daily life activities and for khidmat of Dawat and humanity-at-large to attain Hayat Taiyyebah.
    -The objective of education is to transform – through building skills, attitudes, and conceptual understanding, and not merely to transfer knowledge.
    -Standards for all knowledge and guidance for all actions are derived from the life and teachings of Awliya KiramAS, in the Light of the Quran and Shariat, and it is from this same perspective that we must explore all spiritual and material knowledge and concepts (Muntalaq Islami)
    -The essence of all knowledge is remembrance of Imam Husain SA and His Sacrifice for Islam
    -There are four centers of learning in a child’s life – manzil (home), masjid, madrasa (school), and mujtama (society) – and that in order for education to be truly powerful and bring out the highest potential in each child it must be actively supported by all four of these centers in a seamless and consistent manner.
    -An ideal education is one where spiritual and material knowledge and understandings are seamlessly integrated. The curriculum, which has been designed in the light of the Quran and Shariat, must address all the developmental areas that make up the ‘whole child’ -including their social, cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Memorization of the Quran is a powerful tool in promoting such development.
    -The role of the teacher, first and foremost, is to be an exemplar of our core values and beliefs to the students. They facilitate student learning by designing experiences that promote multi-sensory engagement in age-appropriate tasks that are meaningful and applicable to the student’s daily life. Teachers must strive to create a safe environment that is conducive for learning, where students are free to take risks and challenge themselves without fear of failure.

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    Our Social Reality – Needs and Strengths

    When viewed through the lens of the core values of the Dawoodi Bohra Faith, we are made conscious of some pressing needs of our community at present. To begin with, we must engage in developing a deeper understanding of our religious beliefs as individuals and become more cognizant of how the teachings of His Holiness are meant to direct all aspects of our social, material and spiritual life. Another matter to be addressed is regarding the education of our children – there is no space within other schools’ curriculum for teaching of the principles and ideals of our Faith. In order to meet these needs and concerns, we must effectively harness the financial, human, and spiritual resources possessed by our community. These resources include funds collected through sacrificial contributions, the availability of human resources of high professional and spiritual capacity that are willing to serve the community, and most importantly, the spiritual insights and constant guidance provided by His Holiness which inspires love and obedience from the community.

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    Lines of Action

    Considering the beliefs and values, needs and resources of our community, Hasanat High School intends on achieving its goals by adopting the following lines of action:
    1.Home and school partnership: Social spaces and activities for authentic collaboration between the teachers and student families will be created in order to ensure that there is unity of vision, a deep understanding of each child’s needs, and consistency in the nature of support provided to the student from both centers of learning.
    2.Design and implement a relevant curriculum: The school should adopt learning standards, activities, and assessments, that are developmentally appropriate, integrate spiritual and material education, and meet specifically identified needs of Hasanat’s students.
    3.Leadership to drive beliefs and practices: School leaders are entrusted with the role of being role models that support and promote the establishment of Hasanat’s values, beliefs, culture, and practices aligned with the vision.
    4.Approach professional development strategically and systematically: The school will build teacher capacity by establishing a systematic professional development program that will address the specific needs of Hasanat’s teachers, through the use of evidence-based strategies and tools such as instructional coaching/mentoring and creating professional learning communities.

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    Our Approach

    The above mentioned lines of action, regardless of their specificity, are all supported by the following set of broad organizational approaches:
    Collaboration: Hasanat is a learning community where all those engaged with it work collaboratively and grow continually. This includes all its stakeholders – students, parents, teachers, administrators, Bohra community members, and the school neighbourhood as well.
    Effective resource allocation: Hasanat will make available adequate & suitable infrastructure and human, intellectual and financial resources which are maintained efficiently to facilitate the needs of its learning community.

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Our Mission

To provide high quality, student-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities.

At Hasanat, students pursue their goals in an environment that values diversity, individuality, mutual respect and free exchange of ideas.